F1 PAINTLAB like a lot of other businesses grew from a hobby and a passion for that hobby. 

The goal that was set when creating F1PAINTLAB was simple, make available a selection of the finest products available for an RC F1 car.

We have been doing F1 since 1989 and managed to keep the passion alive even when the mainstream market had little to offer.

We like to think of ourselves as not a hobby shop, but more of an advisor to the customer. We are very particular about the products we carry in the store. The products that we manufacture will not be released for sale unless they meet our highest standards. 

We wanted to make owning and running an RCF1 car as simple and as economical as possible, thats why we offer some of the packages that we do, to take the guess work out of the equation.

We welcome all inquires and feedback, so feel free to contact us anytime

Thank You for visiting our store, we look forward to serving you